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MOHWAK has created in USA since 1979. It has always prided itself by working on quality competition-grad car audio gear, and setting the trends that the industry follows. By combining the highest quality design, engineering and R&D, they constantly patent and release new technologies to increase performance.

MOHAWK’s force thrusts its listeners to the attitude of choice, whether it’s radical or chilled. Power doesn’t have to be scarified for style. MOHAWK’s versatility delivers the freedom to have booth. These rugged drivers were designed to be used effectively in ported systems and sealed enclosures, because they are “precisely engineered” to provide years of high performance sound at an affordable price.

The music’s thumping. The speakers are pounding. And MOHAWK is just as cool as when the party started. A well designed speaker like MOHAWK delivers confidence because they’re cool when is needed most, when the music’s realty hot. Staying cool adds life to drivers. Wimpy Voice coils fry under intense heat, but MOHAWK is built to stay cool under pressure, because being cool is as important to speakers as it is you.

MOHAWK has full range of product, such as amplifiers, cables, capacitor, components, signal processors, woofer, CD receivers & players, video and DVD. MOHAWK is known by our customers in practically every country on the planet for our broad selection of innovation, exciting product. Today, MOHAWK products are distributed in over 30 countries throughout the world and enjoy a reputation for reliability and technological innovation.



Factory-installed car stereo system is often good, but they can’t compete your expectation with speakers from MOHAWK.

The most impressive experience is true bass in the car. Only with these subwoofer chassis are you able to get the full effects of the bass in the really low frequencies. To efficiently convert deep bass power, sound pressure subwoofers are essential. Rigorous Thermal, mechanical load capacity and sensitivity demands area placed on them. Both maximum sound pressure level and also high bass sounds quality are requirements. To enables listeners to built powerful subwoofer enclosures for the most intensive sounding music, we developed a different desired and high quality subwoofer line to be appropriate to all of you.

In doing so, we have made it possible to design subwoofer enclosures with varying maximum volume levels and sound characteristics and whish can be expanded or supplemented at any time.

So, if you want to listen for hours without tiring your ears, look for products from MOHAWK Extreme, Ultimate, Classic and Spirits. Four Series for four wallet different wallets. Pick you own favorites and try them. What ever you choose, you will immediately feel the difference



We’ve got the power you’ve been thirsty for.

High performance amplifiers from Mohawk deliver extraordinary power with sonic accuracy. These different series amplifiers give you the ability to create a sound system that matches your unique personality.

Four Series of Mohawk amplifiers that featuring an industrial design that evoke futuristic visions and classic shapers at once. Hard anodized, polished mental finishers are machined with Mohawk’s proud logo ad finished with complete flowing lines of the understated cooling fins.

Check MOHAWK new series of amplifiers are used to able increase efficiency by nearly 80%, compared to traditional amplifiers designs. This technology generated only the power you need for your subwoofers without wasting ant juice on unused high or mid frequencies