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12'' Subwoofer 12MS-1244 dual 4ohm

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With our Mohawk Silver series subwoofers, you get a sound experience with an extra simension. A dimension that you can feel at the way to your spine.

If you want to live the lifestyle, you'd better have some bass to back it up. Look no futher. Introducing the Mohawk Silver series subwoofers unleash their authoritative tone into your sonic environment. Whether you're searching for a commanding bass room or for a solid sound for everyday use, the Mohawk Silver series subwoofers are flexible enough to meet your vehicle's invidual needs.

  • Woofer size: 30cm (12")
  • Impendance: Dual 4 Ohm (4+4)
  • Peak Power: 350 Watts Max
  • Power handling capacity: 175W
  • Frequency Response: 28 Hz - 3 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 87 +/- 2dB
  • Voice Coil Diameter: 38mm 4 Layer KAPTON
  • Outer diameter of woofer: 31,7cm (12.7")
  • Magnet Size: 14cm (5.6")
  • Magnet Weight: 50 Oz (Ferrite Magnet)
  • Mounting depth: 12,9cm (5.2")
  • Mounting hole: 27,9cm (11.2")

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