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hey | hey | 06.01.2017 19:39:19
i use titanium series maxboom amplifier with sundown audio nsv3 15 inch subwoofer and i just love it. high pressure and db are absolute stunning.
Amir | Amir | 27.11.2016 21:56:48
Email Hi I'm gonna represent you failed to get Iran to Email Please send me the price list.
dylan | dylan | 18.04.2016 17:48:42
how can i put any item to the shoping card?
mohawk | kevin | 04.03.2015 02:47:53
mohawk car audio facebook page
Naqiuddin | Qiu | 28.11.2014 05:33:31
I'm still a freshie in car audio and mohawk is the first brand that I seriously think suits my ear need. I'm using a set of Mohawk Silver coaxial speakers as the rear set. Currently using Glorious component set at the front side of my car. Looking forward to change it to Crystal component set soon. Mohawk is awesome!
mikiting | miki | 06.11.2014 15:24:44
how i want to the speaker price ,because i cannot understand the EUR price... pls inbox my gmail (
Sara | Saravanan | 11.07.2014 02:29:58
hye is any mohawk support here
Lee | Peter | 16.05.2014 07:43:15
Good day. I wise to install set of sound system item as below:- 1) Amplifier MP-1200.1 2) Components SQ10MP-6.2B 3) Woofer 10MT-1222 4) Midbass 10MP-6 kindly PM and term of payment. TQ
frankie | frankie chai yai pin | 29.04.2014 13:18:08
Mohawk fans | Fans of mohawk | 02.03.2014 15:18:14
Is it enough for power amp MC 500.4 to carry 1 set of 12mc 6.2 omponent and 1set of 10mp 6.2?
oldskool | rick | 23.12.2013 06:39:42
hey, just send me some info to my email
oldskool | rick | 23.12.2013 06:35:46
you have no distribution in the US? let me know where i can go to be a dealer. i am still rocking some stillwater mohawk M-8 subs now!!1990-2013 thats a good sub!
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